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Benefits Of Voicebots


Benefits Of Voicebots

Every once in a while, we are all in dire need of tech support for broken things and faulty equipment, and when this happens, we go to our trusty customer service representative to seek a solution or replacement. Unfortunately, now in the digital age, we have to face a multitude of prerecorded messages and menus instead of human assistants with at least a sliver of helpful intentions. Thankfully, due to the increasingly growing field of artificial intelligence and machine learning we can finally create a better and more relaxing atmosphere for customers in place of the stressful wait times, holds, and menus. The way to go about this process is to generate a human-like AI to answer phone calls and solve queries.

This process is often commonly known as a voicebot. Currently, two types of voicebots are actively used by companies, namely, conversational voicebots and traditional voice bots. Both types of bots rely on interactive voice response systems or IVR’s, wherein traditional voicebots are older and use a more antiquated legacy IVR while newer conversational systems use newer code. Quite plainly, it is apparent that the use of better and newer bots is highly beneficial, however, the cost companies face in upgrading older code is quite high and therefore deters quite a few firms from upgrading their software. Nevertheless, it is important to recognize the numerous benefits conversational voicebots bring to the field.

Statistically, it has been proven that compared to traditional IVR’s, Conversational voicebots increase customer retention and overall experience by approximately 83%, which allows for an increased number of recurring customers and an overall boost to company approval. This increased retention is possible due to the bot’s ability to respond near-instantaneously with little to no wait time, thus making sure that most callers walk away from the phone happy as quickly as possible. Additionally, these bots have an uncanny ability to be able to personalize conversations, not unlike a human, due to their highly advanced machine learning algorithms which allow them to remember the vast majority of any previous conversation the caller may have had with it. These bots while managing to provide excellent customer support, also pass on any and all relevant details from the conversation to live service representatives.

This allows the company to get valuable feedback as well as build rapport with the client regarding his previous issues. All of these features which are comprised within a voicebot, make it perfect for large consumer bases. This makes systems such as these perfect for large companies desiring to provide their customers with a better service experience and improve their overall time with them. We as solicitous business solutions are here to provide you with exactly that, a functional conversational voicebot to help you connect with your buyers and ensure a prosperous long-term relationship with them!