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Advantages Of Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Advantages of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the ability of a machine to learn and simulate human emotions, reactions, and thought processes in order to achieve a given task. This can allow humans to use of AI in various ways to work with increased efficiency, as AI is naturally more arithmetically inclined than us. Some common examples we now live with every day are auto-complete in texting and emails; home surveillance systems; non-player characters in video games, and many more! But with the increasing reliance on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation systems, there are some flaws and concerns that are coming to light. Many of these concerns are passed off as paltry fear-mongering by tech experts but to come to our own conclusion we must look upon both sides of the argument for the mass use of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

First and foremost, it is widely agreed by almost all experts that Artificial intelligence is useful in some form or another and its usage in some places is inevitable. The key debate is therefore in implementing AI en masse within society. Some of these aforementioned positives regarding AI are the ability to work near endlessly, the massive reduction in human error, constant digital assistance, rational decision making, and the ability to work repetitive jobs without wearing out or complaining. To expand upon this statement, AI is mainly considered so advantageous is due to its ability to work without a break nigh endlessly upon many of the tasks currently undertaken by humans. Thus, it is obvious that the AI will be several times more efficient than its human counterpart as the need for holidays and working hours will not hold it back. Hence, AI has been extensively used in jobs like customer service and emergency assistance where around-the-clock work is ideally required. Furthermore, AI also possesses the ability to make and act upon decisions using logic and evidence alone which is highly needed in many fields of work.

The crime assistance department or any public helpline is constantly bombarded with accusations of favoritism and discrimination. Ai is massively helping in alleviating these concerns due to its abilities in logical and Algorithmic thinking. Human error is another problem in fields that cannot afford such errors like medicine where even the smallest mistake can mean life or death in some cases. In situations like these, the usage of AI is definitely unavoidable as it means a severe reduction in error of any kind due to the precise and carefully programmed nature of nearly all ai. Therefore, we see AI used extensively in cancer research, robotic surgery, natural surgery assistance, doctoral diagnosis assistance, and many more. Moreover, we also see the precise nature of AI aiding in its acceptance in other fields such as cybersecurity, transportation, mapping, banking, and many others.

In conclusion, we can clearly see AI surpassing humans in many tasks already due to its tenacity and precise nature which can be a cause for celebration as it will open up new AI management job opportunities to replace the mundane jobs lost, allowing humanity as a whole to progress to a more efficient and logical standard. However, realistically the ratio of jobs lost to jobs created will not be equal at all as mundane jobs requiring more repetition are currently available in droves while intellectual jobs are not so. Therefore, as the march of AI into our lives progresses the net jobs available for working-class men and women will be severely reduced which is most certainly a cause for alarm From a humanitarian standpoint, in fact, this situation is an absolute catastrophe as more and more families are brought to the street due to a lack of jobs.

Notwithstanding ethics alone, even from a purely economic perspective, the increased efficiency brought about by Artificial intelligence (AI) will not offset the loss in GDP caused by the large-scale unemployment it will cause. Additionally, even though we praise and accept the logical nature of artificial intelligence in making rational decisions many a time these decisions may not conform to human concepts such as ethics or laws and may therefore prove to be a point of worry in the future. From a different angle, even if we accept AI to be ethical and used only in certain situations, its implementation brings about a very hefty bill. Apart from the installation, the repair and maintenance of such a complex machine can also add quite a lot to the total with procurement of parts being largely unreliable and difficult. All things said and considered, in the end, the pros and cons of artificial intelligence being evaluated, it is up to the reader, user, and their perspective.

Robotics and artificial intelligence will improve the way we think as well as the way we explore new horizons, whether it be near or far. As the age-old saying goes, necessity is the mother of all innovations, so is the case with AI. Human beings know what they need and are getting increasingly better at defining their wants and quickly transforming this into reality. In the near future, things will happen so rapidly that we will see major changes and innovations in society nearly every year. Till then we can try our best to see what these changes mean for us individually!